Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little visual stereotypes if you will, symbols have coexisted with the human race from the very start. Cave paintings come to mind when our old ancestors are questioned but, have we truly progressed that far beyond them? Yes, yes we have “technology” which has given birth to such miracles as computers (and lead to the death of handwritten letters, an art form in its own right) but, what I mean to assert is that we are a society heavily dependent on symbols. Blue is for boys pink is for girls. On every bathroom door a stick figure indicates gender. A moon for the night, a sun for the day theses simple symbols along with their more complex counterparts turn up in art constantly. One of the most famous examples is the Sistine Chapel which ironically contains many pagan symbols. This past week symbols were heavily evident in the halls on Unnamed High School. The Bear always the victor triumphing, over the panther which embodies this year’s villain. The halls were covered in bear claws and green for five days, a not so subtle reminder that school spirit is alive and well.

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