Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Would The Pilgrims Think?

What would the pilgrims think if they saw the modern thanksgiving? Thanksgiving used to be about the turkey, the one that your dad killed,in the backyard (because you lived on more than an acre). So yes there may still be a turkey on your table, or these days maybe its a tofurkey but there is no thanks anymore. Thanksgiving is another indulgence in gluttony while gathered around the TV for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

I actually think the parade is a wonderful display of icons and three dimensional art. As a child the floats seemed to transcend this world. Giant embodiments of the figures i watched on television and read about in books. Even at the age i am now, there is something magical about the floats. The way they shut down blocks in new york city is amazing in and of itself. Not only do these floats captivates audiences both young and old, they, they market products. The giant Clifford float is the epitome of Clifford the big red dog products. Children get swept up in the magic of these huge displays of art and there fore want a smaller piece of that magic (attainable for a reasonable price and a smaller size).

The size and complexity of these "sculptures" never ceases to amaze me. The accuracy that even early floats demonstrated i think is lost sometimes. Floats are a growing art form that is seldom recognized. We must learn to see beyond the float and into the time and skill it took to create it. While the floats are a staple of thanksgiving currently, we must not sacrifice the true meaning of thanksgiving for the sake of the media.