Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where in the World?

Ignore the fact that I am an inanimate object. Pretend for just a moment that you have an imagination and can fathom a talking sock. Welcome to somewhere far south of the rabbit hole. At this juncture is a place where artistic license trumps the law because here, there and everywhere in between, art is in everything. Do not misunderstand me for a hippy spewing liberal jargon. Or maybe accept me as a hippy spewing such jargon and heed my advice; the world will become more beautifully twisted if you recognize the overwhelming presence of art.

I’ve just come from recently seeing the movie Across the Universe which brought again the questions to my lips, what is art? And who is an artist? Surely some would have viewed Jude’s use of strawberries as a medium similar to paint as obscene and untraditional while others, marveled at his unconventionality and brilliance. A juxtaposition of opinions, a fruitless quest to classify the unclassifiable, so is the nature of art in America.

Art. Define it. Few of you will dare to try and slap a cohesive shinny label on one of the most subjective words in society’s vocabulary and that my friends is what this blog is about. It is about something broad, something that will make your bones creak with sheer effort if you try to take it on. So don’t take it on, don’t dissect it like a medical specimen, realize that is living, breathing, for ever changing, a questionable part of our world. It is here to stay and invites you to come for a visit, as do I.
Inanimatly yours, Sanders


reviewer said...

I really like all the pictures you have and how descriptive you are!!

Anonymous said...

i really like this whole idea.